(1) iCeMS News letter: Our World, Our Future vol.6 (日本語)(English)

(2) iCeMS PCPs Handkerchief

Porous coordination polymers (PCPs, also known as MOFs) have regularly aligned nano-space structures. iCeMS
Director Prof Susumu Kitagawa succeeded in capturing and releasing gas molecules in and out of the tiny pores
of PCPs for the first time. It is not only scientifically innovative, but also expected to be widely applied in industry

多孔性配位高分子(PCP/MOF)は、内部に規則的なナノ空間をもっています。iCeMS の北川進拠点長は、世界で初

(3) A pioneering review on PCP/MOF materials

Trend in Inorganic Chemistry 1993: download/ダウンロード

(4) Selecte reviews on PCP/MOF materials from Kitagawa Group

2004: “FunctionalPorousCoordinationPolymers”
2009: “Soft Porous Crystals”
2020: “A New Dimension for Coordination Polymers and Metal–Organic Frameworks: Towards FunctionalGlasses and Liquids”

(5) 集積型金属錯体

”集積型金属錯体” (北川進著、2001)


Introduction of PCPs / MOFs

chemistry of coordination space